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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dyin' of Thirst

I was trekking across the desert & was so parched I thought I would wither away! My tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth I was so thirsty. Wearily I put one foot in front of the other in hopes of some water in my future!! Ahead of me I saw a drink vending machine....I envisioned something cold & refreshing goin' down the hatch!!

Fortunately I had a jingle in my pocket so I knew this would be a no brainer. I get there & drop in my quarters. "mash" the button (mashing buttons is a Southern thang!) Well imagine my disappointment when the machine didn't give me a remedy to my thirst. So I drop in a few more quarters, mash the button & wait for the drink. Nothing. Then I shake the machine & kick it & 'give it some heat'. Still no drink. Drop in some more quarters....

Expecting a much needed drink here & no response from the machine. Eventually I stop putting quarters in the machine because it is broken. It 
cannot give to me what I need, expect or deserve. After inspecting it closer, I see it is unplugged.

And then I walk away to get my thirst quenched elsewhere. Ain't gonna be droppin no mo quarters in a broken machine! I found the Maker of the machines (actually he hunted me down till I surrendered!)  and He is the designer & master of my thirst. Living Waters is what He fact when I come to well to drink, I will thirst no more. I will no longer seek fulfillment of my legitimate needs with anything that does not meet my needs or understand my complexities like only my Creator can. So don't offer any substitutes! No thanks!
***This I know!

(Still working on the technical issues here, but I am pressing on anyway. I'm transferring many of the 'notes' I have posted on facebook to present here. Thanks for your patience as I negotiate my learning curve.<3)