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Saturday, September 24, 2011

"When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear"

I have a whole lobe of my brain for one-liners & trivia that is generally useful for nothing! But for some reason, I have kept a few zingers close & use them frequently. Whether or not they are useful to others remains to be seen. My offspring seem to be annoyed most of the time when I drop the 'truth bombs' on them. But I continue to sow my seed regardless. This is my sow into the next generation for the sake of the kingdom.

I often have wondered when my brain activity seems to be so elusive if I am suffering from "Part-timers"! I am just kidding, of course, but I have also been known to state that I only have 2 brain cells left & they aren't talking to each other!! Gaaa!!

Well, I have intended to start this 'blog' for some time, but made every excuse instead of just making it happen. I am technically challenged, although I do learn in a hurry. I am highly motivated to get this going, so instead of waiting till I have it all figured out, I just jumped in to the deep!

One of my sayings is that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Last nite, I was fiddling with the settings, etc on the blog & I heard the sound of a 'chat' popup on my facebook page. So I went to open that window & saw it was one of my friends who I went to grade school with & found on facebook in the last year. It turns out that she is quite an experienced blogger & uses the same exact site for her 'musings', She offered great counsel & as she was sharing with me I realized that "my teacher has appeared"!!

She spoke of how essential blogging has been in her healing & recovery. Writing is such a cathartic for the soul!! She is now one of my followers, whatever the heck that means! (Does this mean I have 'groupies'??) The Spirit is my leader & guide & has my every need met before I even know that I need it! I am willing to trust that God is capable of caring for me in every situation.
***This I know!