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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Falling Down Leads to Getting Back Up!

Recently I began to walk every morning with a friend. We start our early walk for around an hour in our neighborhood. I figured if I am going to 'Walk with the Lord', every morning I could put my feet in action to jump-start my day. One Friday as we were rounding the last corner to head for home, I twisted my ankle & hit my left knee with full force on the pavement. It really hurt & my left wrist took a bit of the fall too. I immediately began the 'old self' tapes in my head. Like "you are so stupid! If you weren't so fat---how can you do something so pathetic....blah blah blah!!" Well I told that 'lame brain' to sit down & shut up! I am going to have everything I need at the exact time that I need it. I immediately thought, "this will not slow me down from pursuing God's will with a fever pitch!!"

My friend helped me get up & although I was in pain, I limped my way home. I put my knee up on an adjacent chair & wrapped it in ice, then took some anti-inflammatories. She is in a program to be a medical assistant & she had all the 'right stuff' for me. She wrapped my knee with an ace bandage and brought over a heating pad.  She was invaluable & called later to make sure I was ok.

I called another friend to ask if she might have a pair of crutches. I was so grateful to hear her voice & when I told her why I was calling, she said, "My day is so busy that if it was anyone else but you, I would not have answered." She did have the crutches, but since her agenda was so busy, she asked if I could get someone to pick them up. She would leave them leaning up against her garage & my other neighbor would go pick them up for me.  I was amazed at how my needs were being met with such grace! I felt surrounded by such love in knowing that all I had to do was ask!

My Father was revealing to me His tender loving care in profound ways! Now, my knee was definitely hurting, but it would not be devastating. Just as my neighbor was bringing in the crutches he went to fetch for me, my son Thomas walked in. He was so concerned & asked what I was planning to do about my work. I hadn't even given this any consideration. He then stated that it was his day off & he would spend it helping me. Wow! Huh!?? Yes, he did say that, & then continued to follow through in a most loving way.

My sons & daughters have not been especially attentive to me over the past several years. In September of 2008, I had a major mental/emotional breakdown & spent a month in the psychiatric  hospital, they were baffled. My kids coped in various ways, but mostly by putting a distance between us that had never been there before. I have since recovered & healed & am being restored in a wonderful way. As the Lord promised to me, 'my seed' will rise up and call me blessed. When Thomas attended to me that day, I knew my prayers were being answered.

I called my doctors office & left a message. I have diabetes (BUT it doesn't have me!) and these sorts of injuries can go from zero to amputation in no time at all. The nurse from the clinic returned my call & said I was doing everything right. She gave me some warning signs to be aware of & said if they showed up, then go to the trauma center. Otherwise, she advised me to come to the 'walk-in' clinic on Monday pm. I asked her if I am on crutches, wouldn't that be the 'limp-in' clinic?

Thomas drove me to pick up the children that I nanny. He helped me with them in such a loving attentive way. When we arrived at their house, he helped me negotiate up the steps with crutches. This was so unusual for him! I was surprised to see this tender-heartedness, but I knew he had it in him! He gathered the laundry to start the children's wash and he played with them. Afterwards, we went to my place to visit with my dog. The kids love her so much & she is so gentle. Thomas went to get his childrens helmet for them & gave them each a fun ride on the back of his motorcycle. They just loved him!

Since I usually cook dinner for the children, recognizing that I couldn't manage that very well this day, we took them to Chick-Fil-A. While we were there, the 2 year old little girl who has been potty-training announced that she had to go! So I hobbled along following her to the little girls room. As I turned the corner, Wanda, the nurse who I spoke to earlier said, "Well, you really did hurt your knee!" I took the little one to the restroom & then following that, Wanda took a 'lookyloo' at my knee. She said I was doing everything right, just give it time.

How wonderful is my Father at meeting my needs at just the perfect time!? The following day, I had an evening job out at Seabrook Island. When I called to confirm with the family, I asked if it was ok to bring my son to assist. They were agreeable & said they had no problems with that. Thomas worked a full day then drove me out there to care for 3 little ones. He read books & played with the 4 year old until he fell asleep. It was a glorious evening & all my needs were met. AGAIN!!

I shared my wages with Thomas. He certainly earned it! I am so grateful to see the tide changing & my offspring being a blessing to me in my time of need! I have prayed for them for over a generation that they would be the leaders of the generation that rises up to call blessing upon the nations. I prayed for them before I knew them, held them in my arms or nursed them at my breasts.This is the first wave!***This I know!

This song by TobyMac has been my anthem: Get Back Up
"We lose our way, we get back up again

So get up get up!
You're gonna shine again!

It's never too late to get back up again
You may be knocked down but not out forever!!"