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Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the Eyes of a 'Sellars'

There is a look in a 'survivors' eyes

Eyes that have known pain

Tears that chased one after the other down dirt-stained cheeks.

Eyes that have seen things too horrific for words.

Eyes that endured & endeared

Loving eyes, living eyes.

Eyes that speak chapters without uttering a syllable.

Eyes that know the joy of waiting for the answered prayer.

Weary from life but full of love. The longevity & endurance is a gift from above.

Pain leaves a dent in the soul

---The dent is a reminder that although there is profound hurt,

one can and does survive.

The character of a person is revealed when under pressure.

Like a sponge--when it is squeezed, you then will know what is inside.

----jotted these lines down in Myrtle Beach. 11-11-10

somehow autumn leaves come to mind...

their beauty is revealed after living thru a few seasons & coming thru. Leaves...hmmm

Inspired by a conversation with my BFF/cousin Anna while talking about the eyes of our relatives. The Sellars family has known pain, suffering, loss & grief beyond measure. We talked about the pain & how it changes us forever. It changes the chemistry in our brains. It adjusts our world children who watch our parents torn apart from attendig one funeral after another. We could barely recover from one funeral before another diagnosis hit us like waves smashing the breath out of us. A lot of grief, illness, dying & bereavement. It can define you or you can make it into something better. Thats what our family tried to do the best way we knew how. Barely...breath in....breath out..... We will make it......***This I know!

Lord have mercy!