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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Old & the New~~~Bridge of the Holy City of Charleston

This was taken from the best seat in the Charleston Harbor for the opening & dedication ceremony for the Ravenel Bridge. We sat at the furthest bench at the Waterfront Park for the fireworks show in July 2005. I love this because of the contrast of the old with the new. Charleston is such a dichotomy of 'the Old & the New'...

If you were one of those fortunate enough to recall travelling the Old "Amazing Grace" bridge, then you have faced terror in the eyes & traveled right over it anyway! It was so narrow & rickety! I called it 'white knuckle driving'!! There were numbers of people who would rather drive 60 miles out of the way from Mt Pleasant to Moncks Corner to get to Charleston than cross over this structure!!

The railings on the sides of the bridge were instructive to me. Many times I thought of this & used it as an analogy to teach my children. Without the railings there to protect us, I doubt any of us would have driven over this. They are the boundaries which keep us from harm & danger. They are there to provide safety &   logical limits for us. God's Commandments are similar. They are there to protect us  to keep us safe on our journey. Loving us enough to keep us within His boundaries. We can all operate our whole life within these boundaries knowing that He has a plan & a purpose for our lives! ***This I know!

Here is the wikipedia page about the Ravenel:

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