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Friday, October 14, 2011

Same Destination~~~Different Direction

Recently in my "Restoration" period of life, I was noticing how many things have changed although they are still the same.  I have had kids in the same schools on James Island for over 15 years.   This is an obvious fruit of having a large family. But what I was considering was how we can arrive at the same destination, even though taking numerous different paths. 

For instance, my morning drive to the high school with my older kids was always one particular route which features the most glorious view of the City of Charleston. I always took this route, regardless because it seemed to be the most direct from A to B. And filled with gratitude in my heart, I passed that beautiful view knowing I am indeed most fortunate & blessed. Well, I am still taking my kids to that same school every morning. But now, thanks to the wonders of Mapquest, I realize that another route is actually shorter & there is less traffic. Why did I never consider this before?

Well, for one thing, the 'Harborview' route seems more direct from home.  I almost always consider the volume of traffic when I determine my routes. Staying on Folly Rd. seemed to be counter productive if my goal was to avoid traffic. So imagine my surprise when I saw that it is actually shorter to go in the opposite direction!! Wow!! Did I mention I have had kids at that school for over 15 years?        

In other parallels of my life, I am still heading toward the same destination, but I am taking different travel routes. It is still a beautiful drive, and the company is always enjoyable! For this I am truly grateful! ***This I know!