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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sowing my Imperishable Endless Supply of Seed

Posted by PicasaSome of my friends & neighbors know that I sometimes have a 'motherlode' of bread & pastries, pies, cakes, etc in my possession. It is usually enough to cover my living room floor in several big garbage bags. I do nothing to receive it & once it is in my possession, I do all that I can to get rid of all of it by giving it away to anyone & everyone. It comes from a nearby grocery store bakery & a friend picks it up to distribute to the the needy. I guess we all know I am 'needy'... When she signs for it, the name of her organization is "It's all GOod" (and it IS all good/God!)

I usually call or text folks & tell 'em to 'come & get it'. Among those I contact is Mark Irvin. Mark & his sweet wife Cheri (he pronounces it "SHREE") are friends from many years ago. Mark & one of his adorable daughters, Becca came over to get some carbs and while he was here, he  drew this for me & explained it to me as an analogy for my life. That is my house on the left. And on the right is my barn. See me in there? "Howdy Everybuddy!! I am sitting on a never-ending supply of incorruptible seed. It is of the highest quality & I will never ever run out of this seed. Below me in the drawing are the fields where I have done the majority of my sowing. My enemies (his name is Satan, but he shows up in a variety of disguises) is out in the fields destroying my efforts with a vengeance. He is greatly offended & thoroughly defeated, but he knows my seed is the most powerful variety & is really frightened that it will take root, grow & produce a harvest! And get this---it has done just that & it is scary to those who are not on the team!!!

Well his efforts, while seeming to be fruitful, are totally futile! He will never be able to stop me from sowing my amazing seed!! But it doesn't seem to slow him down one bit. He is ripping up & poisoning my crops as energetically as he can. But to no avail. The harvest is plentiful even WITH all his efforts to thwart it.  Out in the front of the sowing fields are my flags which have staked the claim over what is rightfully mine. "Joy" is my banner & I will continue to sow my seed with as much joy & love as I can, knowing full well that my loving Father who watches over me is going to see to it that my harvest is abundant according to His riches!!

How can I lose? Why should I waste one second with worry, when He has it all in His capable hands? So my enemy, who is furious with me for showing him whose the boss, will continue to seek to destroy me & my seed but who cares? I will be successful no matter what, because I am sowing my seed. It WILL reap a harvest & it will be so glorious in that season, that all will revel with me! A great harvest is upon us, let us look for it in every little thing we can & if we aren't seeing it, start using your own endless supply of incorruptible seed. It WILL be WONDER-FULL!! ***This I know!!