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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Peace Begin With ME!

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This is a copy of an article I clipped a long time ago thinking I would wait for the right time to send it. I think now is the time. It is the season to make things right before the new year begins. As I addressed the Christmas cards to mail, I included some people who have perhaps taken me off theirs. I sent them cards with best wishes & as much love as I could pack into that envelope. Even for the 20 years I was married, it was always a one way street with my ex-in-laws. (Does this mean they are outlaws?) There was never any reciprocity. I used to think it was my fault, then when I looked a little further, I saw that they do not have any significant relationships with others. Not even within their own family! They never came to visit us with the exception of 2 times, even when we lived nearby. Social interaction is just not their thing!
So, I sow the "endless supply of imperishable seed" without regard for the outcome. That is no concern of mine. It is my joy to cast this seed with expectant faith, love & hope! ***This I know!