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Monday, December 19, 2011

Thomas's 'Other Mother from Another Brother'

Miss Hermina & Me....December 12, 2011 James Island, SC

This pic was taken at my kitchen table this week. And it was a most remarkable and memorable event! One that I could never have predicted nor could I have arranged. Only the hand of God could have made this special appointment for us! Let me explain...

My youngest son Thomas was riding his motorcycle to James Island County Park to join his sister Clare at the dog park in September 2010. He loves his bike & was enjoying the fair autumn sunny day. As he approached the gate, there was a bus stop where a man was exiting the city bus. Thomas saw him, slowed down, honked his horn, moved as far in the lane as he could without hitting the oncoming traffic, but as fate dictated, he could not avoid hitting the man. He did everything he could to maintain control of the bike, but nonetheless, the man died in his arms. It was unspeakably horrific. Thomas remained at the scene & some of the investigators who interviewed him told me that he handled the bike as well as any veteran biker would have done. It was a dark time for my son. 

A short time following that, he lost his job at the Harley dealership due to slowdown of business. That was a low blow for him as well. So he went back to the grocery store where he previously worked to request his job in the produce department. They were happy to have him rejoin the team. He is a very hard worker who has a constant smile on his face. Many people tell me they absolutely love seeing him there! 

Well, the mother of the man who died works in the deli at the same grocery store. This is Miss Hermina, my friends. This godly woman has adopted Thomas and loves on him as if he were her own. She has no bitterness nor any unforgiveness in her! What a gift from God Himself! Thomas has attended her church which is predominantly black. He said he was the only 'white boy' in that place. Makes me smile to imagine.

Miss Hermina is an icon on James Island, in my estimation. She is an humble servant who loves all whom she encounters. I have heard so many folks who have known her through the years tell of her generosity. She doesn't drive, so Thomas picks her up & takes her to work & takes her back home after her shift. I am certain that they both need each other equally & that our loving Father so wisely arranged for them to be blessings in each others lives. I can only say that for me, it was a delightful treasure to have this sweet loving woman in my home. I hope we will have her again many times and that she will know how much we love & appreciate her for the gift of forgiveness that she bears. What a gift!!! **This I know!     Posted by Picasa