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Monday, September 26, 2011

Restoring What the Locusts Have Eaten~

I originally posted this on my facebook page in my
"notes" last June while my friend Denise was visiting. It has continued on...this season of restoration. I am so amazed!!! Many of the things I am presently posting here are simply cut & paste from my notes on facebook. So if it looks familiar, you may have already read it. I started the blog to make a continuum of the things I started writing there. So here it is:
In the summer '98 with a broken heart & shattered dreams, I filed for seperation...

I could never have predicted the way things would unfold for me.  After all these years, I lost so much, but I drew closer to God than I ever would have imagined was even possible!! Now, this is the season that He is restoring 'what the locusts have eaten'. Bringing back into my life such dear friends!! Denise Pisarcik, Holly Chesley Annibale, Michael G Regan, Michael Coleman, Joseph Wyatt Friend & many others are part of the restoration. Finding you is a result of facebook & has been such a blessing to me on so  many levels...
I wonder why I ever let such wonderful people slip through my fingers. It was never intentional. It simply happened. I now appreciate the genuine loving faith-filled support of "The Body of Christ". To me, you are more than family. You truly have stayed the course & kept the faith. For this, I am truly grateful!

Denise came to visit from PA this weekend & it has been surreal! We were talking about some of the people in that chapter of our lives & how we would like to contact them. So in the wee hours of the morning, I sashayed by the laptop & decided to look up Wendy Benson. I found her & friend requested her. Then told her that Denise was visiting & gave her my number to call. What a WONDERFUL surprise for us both when Wendy called!! Over 15 years have passed since we spoke....This is what I know is a 'divine appointment'. Thanks for calling Wendy!! You really made our day!!

The pool party tonite was over-the-moon wonderful as well. I didn't tell Denise that Mike Regan was coming. So imagine what a surprise it was for her to see him!! We loved catching up tonite & for me, it was as if we have been together all along. I love this!!

Thank you Father God for removing all the things in my life that distracted me from You. And thank you Father, for bringing back to me such profoundly meaningful relationships. Lord, your covenant with your people is built on love & commitment. From this covenant springs forth the blessing of Life!! Let my family know deeply how profound your love for them wide is your mercy!! Thank you for restoring to me the blessings of good friends. I will treasure them & cultivate them. I will never let such golden blessings slip away. I am humbled, Lord by your grace & mercy, which I deserve nothing of, yet you pour out in my life in a flood!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ***This I know!!