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Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are where I have placed you for My purposes~ love, God

Recently, I have been bearing some personal pains related to the ones whom I love the most & the burden has seemed overwhelmingly hurtful. It is all part of the process of growth, but the pain is unspeakable.  
This morning, I wrote in my "Prayer Posse" ( a small online group with whom I post the daily mass readings) the following: "Jesus is not some far-away thought or idea! He is within us & fully aware of our existence. We are not alone! His Holy Spirit gives us all we need. For today I am going to mindfully speak to Jesus within. I will welcome him! He will remind me of who I am & to whom I belong. just for today~"
So fast-forward to the Thursday night 'gathering of souls' I attend at the home of my friends who call their place "Jubilee". We have not met for a few weeks due to the holidays, so tonite's crowd was big. The seating was all taken & they ended up bringing in a few more chairs. I gave up my seat for one of the chairs brought in later & it was facing backwards in the room. Everyone else was facing the front where the screen was. There was also a column in the room preventing me from seeing Philip, our teacher/prophet.

As the teaching began, I strained to see the screen & took notes. As a left-handed person this was a challenge, but I focused on the message, not what I could see or read. I listened to the Spirit & God began to minister to me in such a personal way. Philip (who is "Fill-up") began to tell us that Divine Order is equated in the number 12. Today is the 12th day of the year 2012. His constant message is one of 'walking with God' in full unbroken communion as intended by the Father from the beginning of time. He taught from Psalm 51, 'the Miserere', using the Message version of the bible. "Make a fresh start in me" was the word that sent me into writing this from the Spirit.

"Your position, Carolyn, is where I have placed you. It seems backward to you, but  I placed you there for my purposes. Trust me! I love you! I care for you. I love you so much and I want nothing but GOOD for you. Nothing but blessing and joy for you. Both of my hands hold you carefully. Let me caress you and stroke you with my tender loving kindness.

My love is your healing. I am restoring you, Carolyn. Let me, permit me to shine my healing light into the darkest recesses of your spirit. My light is healing you! 
Inhale life---exhale death. Inhale the good---exhale the bad. Inhale faith---exhale doubt. Inhale the fresh---exhale the old & used. I am pressing into you the new & refreshed.
I want you to be filled with my loving Spirit. Carolyn, you are right where I have placed you. Relax & enjoy---let me speak in the stillness. Be still my daughter, and know that I am that I am. Just simply be the one that I made you to be. My word to you is YES and AMEN! I am sufficient for you. I am your ALL in ALL.
I love you Carolyn! You are mine & I yearn for your undivided heart to be mine alone. I have always loved you & cannot ever quit loving you! I am your dreams fulfilled! I am He who loved you all along. I never abandoned you although you thought I was distant. It was not me who moved. Turn your gaze toward me! I love you! I am blessing your steps. Walk with me & you will be blessed in your coming & going. Let my light shine & I will be glorified! Amen &  Amen!!"
Yes Lord & amen is my reply to Him! Healing is coming to the Body of Christ in a way not seen in recent times. Those who have ears to hear will be anointed as Jesus was to bring healing to the broken-hearted & set the captives free. The glory of the Lord will shine forth like we could not imagine! It is an amazing thing to observe the mighty hand of God at work in our lives in the most personal intimate ways. ***This I know!