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Sunday, February 26, 2012

To ALL of my Children, their Spouses, Grandchildren (both those born & unborn) & those I am privileged to care for & Be NANNY!! You have helped me find, refine & define my purpose in this life. I live, eat, drink, breathe & move to fulfill His purpose and pouring my self into y'all just makes my heart sing! When I picked up my favorite little 6 year old Leo yesterday, as we are leaving he said, "You the best nanny in the whole wide world!" I graciously received that complement & told him that made me so happy! To which Leo replied, "Well, there's more where that came from!" Happiness!!! What a blessing!

Here is my prayer/blessing for you~

There are so many GIFTS I wish for you to have!

I’d like to give you the GIFT of happiness, but the path that leads you there is one you have to find on your own

I’d like to give you the gift of WISDOM, but that’s something only years of experience can bring

I’d like to give you the gift of SUCCESS, but that is something that only has true value if it’s earned

But there’s one GIFT I can give you that will always be with you and that is the LOVE of a mother’s heart!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~~                  ~~~~~~~~~~~
The Lord is showing me precisely how a 'Rising Tide' in me works....the more love I pour out into those around me, the more I am filled with HIS love, wisdom & mercy. All these things lead to a victorious walk in the Spirit like no other season of my life. I am seeing things the Lord is arranging with such a sweet anointing! I only have desired one thing in my love & be loved!! A mothers heart is created for such a thing! I LOVE being a vessel of love! I truly was born to serve & by loving the 'least of these', I am honored & richly blessed. ***This I know!!